Both your helmet and turnout gear create a barrier against flames and various particulates. But, what about the area in between? Your face, jaw and neck are vulnerable to multiple exposures - whether that's burns from high temperatures or the long-term health complications of regular contact with smoke, chemical vapors and carcinogenic debris. Rather than accept this hazard as part of the job, fire hoods create a protective barrier that fits around your SCBA, below your helmet and underneath your turnout jacket.

In reinforcing a safety-first workplace for your squad, learn more about what firefighter hoods do and the types available:

Why You Need a Fire Hood

Firefighters come in contact with a number of hazards - some visible and others not discernible by the naked eye. Yet, just because you can't see it, that doesn't mean it's not a concern. Case in point: Small particles and gaseous vapors accumulate on your skin, and when you sweat, your body absorbs a higher percentage of these substances. As a result, firefighters have higher cancer rates than the rest of the population.

Fire hoods form a shield over your skin to minimize contact with these risks, offering two-layer protection. Fitting on like a ski mask, the hood surrounds the SCBA and covers your face, neck and upper chest and is designed to NFPA specifications based on the environment.

Types of Firefighter Hoods

As environments and their respective hazards vary, so do fire hood designs. At a minimum, the material filters particulates as small as 0.2 microns, as well as gases and liquids. Common constructions include:

  • Nomex hoods: The most widely available fire hoods start with knit rayon or Kevlar. Using a series of filaments, the design then traps any particles from the exterior.
  • PBI hoods: PBI fire hoods are free of PFAS and block a minimum of 95% of carcinogenic particles.
  • PTFE hoods: Polytetrafluoroethylene creates a microporous membrane that delivers a high degree of flame resistance and holds its shape long term.

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