Area Lights

Never compromise your team's visibility. In addition to supplying firefighters with handheld or helmet-mounted flashlights, fully illuminate your surroundings with area and scene lights. Considering the emergencies you face in your region, explore the following solutions at Fire Safety USA:

Scene Lights

Mounted to a fire truck or portable, a scene light maximizes visibility - ensuring you can see potential hazards as you extinguish flames and save lives. For use during the day and at night, scene lights encompass halogen, HID and LED types, or may receive power directly from a fire truck's electrical system.

Both portable and fire truck scene lights:

  • Deliver a high amount of lumens for superior visibility.
  • Offer a choice of patterns, output levels and beam widths.
  • Adjust to focus the beam on a particular area or object.
  • Are quickly deployed at the scene.
  • Can be used outdoors and inside, including for illuminating confined spaces.


Spotlights deliver a large, concentrated cone-shaped beam. As hazards and conditions vary, adjustable features let you adapt the beam's width, intensity, angle and direction. These factors assist with capturing details - essential if conditions appear hazy, dark or uncertain.

For firefighting, spotlights typically offer hand-held construction and adjustable illumination with a long-range beam and a choice of lighting modes.

Area Lights

Area lights diffuse illumination over more square feet, reducing darkness and shadows and enhancing overall visibility without creating harsh contrasts.

Order Area and Scene Lights From Fire Safety USA

Maintain your visibility to accurately, efficiently and safely handle any hazard within your path. Browse spotlights, area lights and scene lights from Streamlight, FoxFury and more brands at Fire Safety USA before placing an order online, via our call center or through our direct fax line.

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