Wyes and valves direct the flow of water from a hydrant, pump or other source to your hose. At the same time, their placement improves flow control, allowing your team to easily open or close the source. Of these solutions, wyes have what some call a "Siamese connection." Specifically, this valve appliance splits the flow from the source into two streams, each with a separate set of controls.

For equipping your team with all essential equipment, learn more about what wyes do and why you need them:

What Is a Wye Valve?

Often just called a "wye," these distinctive valves divide one stream of water into two. Each port includes a swivel inlet and an independent ball shutoff valve for controlling the flow. Based on brand, each side may additionally include self-locking handles.

For fighting municipal, rural and forest fires, wyes can be attached to several types of water sources, including hydrants, pumps, trucks and standpipes. Brass, aluminum or alloy construction with anti-corrosion properties allows for long-term, regular use.

Of the types available, gated wyes help the valve remain open, allowing for a consistent supply of water and reducing shutoff risks.

For all wyes selected, be alert to thread configurations to ensure compatibility with your team's hoses and your region's water sources. The standard threads for wye valves include NH/NST, NPSH, IPT and NPT.

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