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A simple rinse-down won't do. Ordinary soap, too, leaves a residue. When you leave an emergency covered in soot, vapors, chemicals and carcinogenic particles, decontamination defines how firefighters clean their turnout gear. Without this step, your gear increases your exposure risks. Its protective properties regarding heat and water resistance also decline over time.

To get the greatest lifespan out of your turnout jackets and pants, learn more about all fire gear washes and dryers available at Fire Safety USA and why they're superior to their ordinary counterparts:

Washing Your Turnout Gear

Standard washers don't remove all the particles clinging to your turnout gear. Instead, an NFPA-approved extractor washing machine, along with turnout gear-specific cleaner, work together to remove these substances. They also create a friendlier environment for washing Nomex, Kevlar and other fire-resistant, waterproof materials.

From here, you'll place your uniform on a fire gear drying rack or in a cabinet enhanced for airflow to dry fully.

Turnout Gear Cleaners

For enhanced cleansing action and to eliminate residue, equip your station with the following solutions sold through Fire Safety USA:

  • Turnout gear detergents: These cleaners meet NFPA standards and remove soot, oils, grease, dirt, plastic and metal particles, carcinogenic substances, hydrocarbons and chemical vapors.
  • Decontamination cleaners: These solutions specifically assist with lifting carcinogenic particles and chemical traces from your uniform and equipment.

Turnout Gear Washers and Dryers

Continue cleaning your turnout gear with the following:

  • Extractor washers: Specifically for firefighting gear, these NFPA-compliant washers thoroughly clean your PPE and reduce factors that could potentially wear out your gear sooner.
  • Drying racks: These solutions dry your turnout gear in less time. Consider drying racks as an intermediate step between washing your uniform and placing it inside your gear locker.

Shop Fire Gear Washers and Dryers at Fire Safety USA

Replace or upgrade your station's washing and drying equipment with quality, affordable, NFPA-compliant solutions available at Fire Safety USA. Shop products from Ready Rack and more brands now before placing your order through our website, call center or direct fax line.

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