Your gear - from your turnout jacket to your respirator - picks up particles on the job. Thoroughly cleaning your supplies ensures they're ready for the next emergency and controls the buildup of soot, potential carcinogens and bloodborne pathogens.

Yet, due to your turnout gear's fire-resistant, waterproof properties, not just any cleaner will do. Fire Safety USA carries the essentials for properly washing and preserving your personal protective equipment. As you stock up, here's what we offer:

Specialized Cleaners for Firefighters

The following solutions make up the foundation of your fire station's cleaning and decontamination strategies:

  • Turnout gear detergent and cleaners: Meeting NFPA recommendations, these pH-specific solutions assist with washing your turnout gear and other PPE without leaving a residue. Cleaners remove oil, soot, dirt, grease, plastic and carcinogenic particles, metal oxides, chemical traces and hydrocarbons and fulfill this segment of the decontamination process.
  • Decontamination cleaners: Decontamination for firefighters aims to purge all potentially cancer-causing particles from your uniform, gear and the fire station. This process starts with wipes for cleansing your skin immediately after a job and includes various cleaning solutions for your turnout gear and equipment.
  • Respirator cleaners: Avoid mold and bacteria accumulation inside your respirator. These EPA-approved solutions deliver germicidal action to ensure you receive a clean flow of air every time you don this apparatus.

General Cleaners

Maintain your trucks and work environment with the following:

  • Metal and aluminum cleaners: Remove residue and get a brighter, shinier surface without polishing.
  • Glass cleaner: Clean away streaks and smudges for a clear, fog-free view.

Shop Cleaners and Detergents at Fire Safety USA

Is your turnout gear detergent getting low? Don't wait or dilute your cleaner. Instead, place your order now through Fire Safety USA, including through our website, via our call center or through our direct fax line.

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