Gas Detection

Fires don't just generate heat, flames and smoke. The combustion process also results in carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide - better known as the toxic twins. In considering this factor and related safety concerns, firefighters often assess the scene with a gas detector before formulating a plan of action.

Equip your team with the essentials for detecting and responding to dangerous gasses - whether as a byproduct of the combustion process or from another combustible hazard. Learn more about gas detection for firefighters here.

About Gas Detection for Firefighters

Most people typically associate gas detection with identifying a leak. Firefighters check for this threat while additionally surveying the area for other substances involved in the combustion process. These factors determine how safe the scene is, what risks firefighters and building occupants could face inside, and the gear needed to respond.

For firefighters, gas detection equipment is often needed to identify the following:

  • Carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and carbon dioxide - all generated through the combustion process. Of these, carbon monoxide is an odorless substance, and hydrogen cyanide, a toxic gas, results from burning synthetic materials.
  • Combustible gases, including methane, propane and hydrogen, are routinely the cause of cooking and house fires and may cause an explosion.
  • Benzene, which may be released into the air if the home or business has a gas stove.
  • Hydrogen sulfide, a flammable, potentially explosive gas associated with oil and gas extraction.

Types of Gas Detection Equipment for Firefighters

To identify and react to these concerns, firefighters typically deploy one or more of the following:

  • Single-gas detectors, which help identify the presence of carbon monoxide.
  • Dual- and multi-gas detectors, which help determine if the toxic twins are present, as well as other potentially flammable and combustible gases and vapors.

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