Fire Suppression

Fires quickly get out of control, jeopardizing lives, damaging property and destroying landscapes in the process. A fire suppression system - from sprinklers to foam - helps contain the flames. To comply with building codes, both commercial and residential structures are required to incorporate a fire suppression system.

Whether to maintain your existing system or supply your fire department with all essential tools and parts, turn to Fire Safety USA for a full range of fire suppression equipment.

What Is Fire Suppression?

Fire suppression systems perform the following actions:

  • Detecting a fire as soon as it starts.
  • Issuing an alarm or alert.
  • Controlling or extinguishing the flames before they have a chance to spread.

Of all fire control solutions, suppression systems provide an active strategy for saving lives and minimizing property damage. The structure created allows building occupants to take action - for example, leaving the premises and calling the fire department - and prevents flames and smoke from progressing beyond their origination point. As well, systems include manual activation in the event they don't detect heat soon enough.

Yet, considering the diversity of businesses out there, not all fire suppression systems are identical. Water isn't always recommended - especially for facilities using gases, oil or another flammable substance.

Types of Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems fall into the following types:

  • Water based, which is typically a fire sprinkler system using a reservoir or connected to a water supply. These solutions may be integrated into the building or portable.
  • Foam based, which is ideal for controlling grease and electrical fires and requires dedicated pipes and fittings.
  • Pneumatic heat detection, which combines a traditional fire extinguisher with a monitoring system.
  • Pressured gas, which uses liquid nitrogen to put out the fire.

Order Fire Suppression Equipment and Tools From Fire Safety USA

We started selling fire extinguishers, and today, Fire Safety USA carries a full array of fire suppression solutions - from hose adapters, caps and plugs, elbows and monitors to foam. We further anticipate your team's needs - whether that's maintaining a fire suppression system in your commercial facility or ensuring you're ready to respond to a call. Browse all parts and equipment today before placing an order online, through our call center or via our direct fax line.

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