Intake Valves

In terms of controlling the water from an outside source through the hose and to the flames, intake valves play a key role, managing flow and pressure through a pump action.

To anticipate all possible conditions for fighting fires, learn more about what intake valves do:

What Is an Intake Valve?

Intake valves perform two general functions. One, you'll find this part on your fire engine's pump panel, where it controls the flow of water from the tank into the hose. Secondly, you can use an intake valve independently to pump water from an external source to the hose, including hydrants and static or drafting sources. Controlling the flow comes from a handwheel or lever design.

Designed to conserve space on your pump panel, reduce discharge and easily control flow, water intake valves for firefighting include the following types:

  • Ball: A full or half ball valve controls the flow of water with a straight-shaped lever.
  • Piston: An internal piston opens and closes the valve to manage the flow of water.
  • Butterfly: With a quarter-turn wheel, these valves rotate open and never fully close.
  • Gate: The most common type of valve opens and closes with a crank handle attached to a wheel.

Order Intake Valves From Fire Safety USA

Whether for your truck, use with pressurized sources or drawing water from a static source, find the intake valve your department or facility needs at Fire Safety USA. Browse all types from Akron Brass, Harrington and Kochek before placing an order online, through our call center or our direct fax line.

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