Bag Accessories

Equipping firefighters, law enforcement, emergency personnel and first responders for the job means anticipating concerns large and small. Regarding bags and packs, this philosophy means that Fire Safety USA seeks out quality, affordably priced gear that holds up to the environment and related risks. Ripstop, durable material lasts through daily use, as well as more extreme situations. Pockets, loops, dividers and organizational features place your supplies where you need them. As such, there's no guessing or fishing around for the right tool or bandage.

On the other hand, bags and packs experience wear or need to be updated. You might find an exterior pouch keeps certain supplies close. Or, you notice a strap has started to fray. For these instances, Fire Safety USA stocks a selection of accessories corresponding to the bags and packs we sell.

Modifying Your Tactical, First Responder or Firefighting Bag

For adjustments or repairs, we carry:

  • Replacement shoulder straps: These solutions replace a thinning, fraying or otherwise damaged strap, hooking onto your gear bag. Padding reduces strain and pressure, while firefighter-quality weave withstands the rigors of your environment.
  • Pouches and bags: Organize or quickly access key supplies with zippered or MOLLE pouches. These solutions can be placed inside your gear bag or attached to the exterior.

From a legacy as a fire extinguisher supplier, Fire Safety USA pairs a full line of firefighting and safety products with exceptional value and customer service built upon long-term relationships. Browse accessories for firefighting and first responder bags now before ordering online, through our call center or via our direct fax line.

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