Hazmat Equipment Bag

From exposure to toxic gases to carcinogens, you, as a firefighter, know not to head into a burning building or forest without the right gear. Hazmat bags improve your response, helping you efficiently transport your SCBA, masks, personal protective equipment and spill containment supplies to the scene.

Why Use Hazmat Bags as a Firefighter?

From house fires to a leaking car to flames consuming the landscape, you risk smoke inhalation and exposure to harmful substances as you save lives and mitigate property damage. At the same time, managing the fire often means identifying and responding to the source - which could be a dripping drum or pipe.

Considering these possible scenarios, firefighting departments prepare for an emergency with leak control supplies, smoke blowers and gas detectors on top of their standard PPE. Hazmat bags come in handy for the following reasons:

  • Organizing your hazmat supplies and keeping them in one place, from masks and SCBAs to leak control kits.
  • Labeling all response supplies - from your gear to repair kits to medical equipment needed to treat victims at the scene.
  • Bringing along larger equipment for longer or more complex jobs, including shelters or decontamination pools.

Shop Hazmat Bags at Fire Safety USA

Complete your hazmat response with the appropriate bags from Fire Safety USA. Shop solutions for gear, repair kits, medical supplies and more before placing an order online, through our call center or via our direct fax line.

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